Introduction to Dose Calibrators Quality Control

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❰❰ Outlines • About Dose Calibrator • Factors Affecting Accuracy of Dose Calibrator. • Several Agencies Recommended Testing of Dose Calibrator. • Equipment and Material Needed. • Dose Calibrator Tests Physical Inspection Precision Accuracy Constancy Relative Response Linearity - Decaying Source Method - Graded Sources (Shield) Method Geometry Test ❰❰ عربي

Operational Statistics and Quality Control of Scintillation Camera

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❰❰ Learning Objectives • Single Photon Emission Tomography - SPECT/CT. • Quality Control and Quality Assurance Tests. • Operating Parameters used in Planar and SPECT/CT. • Examples of Pitfalls in SPECT/CT Tests. ❰❰ عربي Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials

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❰❰ Outlines • Radioactive package types • General requirements for transportation. • The Transport Index (TI). • Excepted packages. • Package markings and labels. • Category (I) package – White label • Category (II) package – Yellow • Category (III) package – Yellow • Vehicle placarding. • Dispatch of radioactive sources.

Safe Handling of Radioactive Materials

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❰❰ Outlines • Design of nuclear medicine department and PET/CT facilities. • Designation of areas. • Radiation shielding and signs. • Authorized staff for handling radioactive material in nuclear medicine. • Receiving radioactive sources. • Radiation safety procedures for radiopharmacy. • Radiation Incidents. • Dose calibrator Quality Control. • Optimization for

Physics of DEXA

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❰❰ Outlines • History.• Principles of DXA.• Development.• Precision.• Standard Scores.• Strengths and Limitations of DXA.• Clinical Protocol for DXA Acquisition. ❰❰ عربي Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Nuclear Medicine Technology

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❰❰ MAIN TOPICS • What is Nuclear Medicine? • History of Radioactivity. • The principles of Gamma Camera. • Radionuclides and Radiopharmaceuticals. • Nuclear Medicine Applications. • Nuclear Medicine Therapy. ❰❰ عربي Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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